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For Residents and Owners of Tredegar House

Welcome to our web site for residents. This site provides a wide range of online services that make communication between residents and management easier, faster and cheaper.

We encourage all new resident owners and tenants to register on this site at the start of their occupancy. Landlords are also encouraged to register, so they can keep up to date with events at Tredegar House. Please be assured that your details will be used for administration purposes only and will not be passed on to third parties.

We also encourage residents to access the site as frequently as possible so that we are able to communicate news and information that will help you make the very best of your time in Tredegar House.

Social Networking at a Very Local Level

The site also provides a forum enabling residents to share ideas, compare notes, plan events, or simply chat, thus enabling Tredegar House to maintain an active vibrant and communicative residential community.

Our online system enables:-

  1. Easy communication with management.
  2. Ability to compare notes on local businesses, restaurants etc.
  3. Help with finding good tradesmen such as decorators, locksmiths etc.
  4. Help with identifying problems with appliances and tracking down engineers or spares.
  5. Easy promotion of social events.
  6. Downloadable documents such as appliance manuals, accounts etc.
  7. Sharing knowledge of services such as broadband & cable TV.
  8. Ability to compare notes of prices of utilities, insurance etc.
  9. Fast collection of opinions through polls and surveys.
  10. Private messaging, enabling communication without display of email addresses.

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